Sensitivity Reading & Consulting

Private Virtual Workshops

For organizations interested in a private virtual workshop to better understand sensitivity reading and/or inclusive writing.  Click here to submit your request

Educational Resources Review

Hire a team of sensitivity readers to review and improve your educational content. Click here to submit your request

Renee Harleston Manuscript Rates

Area of Expertise:

  • African-American/Black cis-gendered women and girls

  • Urban Black culture

  • Suburban Black culture

  • African Americans in majority white spaces

  • Chronic illness/ chronic Pain


I will read anything but have a particular fondness for the following:

  • YA

  • Adult Literary Fiction

  • Fantasy (not high fantasy)

  • Historical Fiction

  • Magical Realism

  • Scripts and Screenplays

A Short List of What I Read For:

  • Physical description

  • The authenticity of character behavior & dialogue in context

  • Stereotypes/tropes

  • Interactions with other characters 

  • Outdated/offensive language

What I Read

  • Fiction Manuscripts (see Interests)

  • Scripts (tv/movie and stage)

  • Educational Materials

  • Comics/Graphic Novels

  • Picture Books

  • Story Outlines (consultation rate)

Manuscript Outline Consulting

Make sure you're on the right track before you get too deep into your manuscript. I can consult with you on overarching issues on plot, premise, and/or characters.


I have a Master's degree in Cultural Anthropology with a focus on identity, immigration, nationality, and race. I have studied abroad in western Europe and West Africa. I have also worked as a museum educator that focuses primarily on issues of race, ethnicity, and class. As an anthropologist and educator, I can help you with cultural ignorance and in-sensitivities, stereotypes, macro, and micro-aggressions. Also, I have experience educating children and adults on immigration issues, minority historical inclusion, social justice, and human rights. Published short story author.

Before You Submit:

Please make sure your draft is free of major grammatical and formatting errors. It should be just about submission ready. Only .docx or Google Drive format are accepted. Let me know what you'd like me to read for so I have your concerns in mind as I read. Note that no sensitivity reader can guarantee that your story free from everything readers could have issues with. It is a way to catch major potentially harmful text in your draft. 


Renee's insight was invaluable to me as I revised my YA horror manuscript. She pointed out descriptions, use of language, and sociocultural dynamics that I missed the mark on entirely or that simply needed finessing. She is a smart, efficient, patient, and thorough reader, and her guidance helped clarify and enrich my understanding of several facets of the Black woman experience.

"I approached Renee under the recommendation of other writers, and I'm so glad that I did. She not only focuses on the issues with description, stereotypes/tropes, and language, but also provides suggestions on how to either correct or improve upon them, thorough with her feedback and quick with her response. I plan to use her services again, and I'd highly recommend that others do the same."

K.A. Tutin

In addition to her fast response and review time and reasonable rates, Renee indeed identified problematic areas both small and large. Her gracious advice on how to fix these problems included a change in race for a character that I hadn't considered because I'd become "locked in" to thinking of him in a particular way -- but made sense in a way that would enrich the story.

Christa Miller

Clair Legrand, author of Furyborn and Sawkill Girls