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Not sure of which service you should book?

Editing, Writing, & Consulting Services

Writing Diversely is dedicated to helping writers create diverse and inclusive stories. Our team of editors and readers offers a full range of editing, writing, and consulting services.

Sensitivity Read

Our signature service. Sensitivity readers review fiction and nonfiction texts for content that may mispresent or perpetuate stereotypes of a given group or groups. Sensitivity readers flag those errors and may provide resources and tips for corrections in future drafts. Learn more about and request a sensitivity read here 

Author Coaching

An author coach can help support you through all stages of your writing and publishing process. Get coached via email, one hour video sessions, or a combination of both! Coaches help with the following and more:

  • Helping to get your ideas onto the page

  • Motivation/goal setting/accountability partner

  • Writing feedback/advice

  • Working through writer’s block

  • Advice on the publishing process

Copy Editing

  • Fiction: $0.02 per word. Minimum $175

  • Nonfiction: $0.03 per word. Minimum $200

Copy editors correct and refine a given text. They address grammatical errors, plot inconsistencies, significant typos, along with plot and character inconsistencies. This service is also available in Spanish, inquire for pricing.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editors examine the content, organization, and structure of a draft. Through a thorough examination, they detail the big-picture issues to be addressed in revisions.

Your editor will address these key components:

  • Fiction: Plot/structure, Character development, Pacing, Setting/world building, Tone/style, Dialogue, Point of View, Theme

  • Nonfiction: Structure/Organization, Clarity/Readability, Audience targeting, Tone/Style, Pacing/Flow

  • Light Developmental Edit:  Addresses at least 5 components for fiction and 3 components for nonfiction 

    • Includes some in-text comments plus an editor’s letter 


  • Deep Developmental Edit: Address all components: Includes In-depth in-text comments plus a detailed editor letter


  • Rates: 

    • Light Edits: Fiction: $0.025 per word, Nonfiction: $ 0.035 per word

    • Deep Edits: Fiction: $0.035 per word, Nonfiction: $0.045 per word

Line Editing

 $0.035 per word. Minimum $200

Your plot is exactly where it needs to be but your novel still isn't flowing. Line editing provides a detailed review of every line (of course!). Ensure the tone is on point, the grammar makes sense, the word choice fits, and your style shines through. Basically, a combination of developmental editing and copy editing.


 $0.015 per word. Minimum $200

Proofreaders are the double and triple checkers of the text. They make sure your draft is free from spelling and grammatical errors. Proofreaders also review typesetting and layout for consistency of font and line spacing. The service is available in English and Spanish (inquire for pricing).


$0.14 per word. Minimum $200​

Translation of any text from English to Spanish or vice versa.

Writing and Ghost Writing

Inquire for pricing

We aren't just readers! Our writers and ghost writers can craft articles, queries, bios, and other texts for you.

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