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Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Review

Consultations and reviews of internal and external DEI statements, policies, Human Resources documents, and training materials according to modern equity and inclusion language standards. 

Educational Resources Review

Review of textbooks, curriculum, and other resources of all student age groups to ensure contemporary diverse and inclusive language, image, and content standards are met. 

Speaking & Training

Do you need a speaker for your writing group, conference, or staff?  Below are some workshops we can provide 

What is sensitivity reading and do you need one?

We can help your team better understand what sensitivity reading is. Consider if you need to hire one when, and how best to work with one for your team.

What is inclusive writing?

What does "inclusive writing" mean? We can provide guidance on contemporary inclusive writing standards in fiction, nonfiction, and customized to your industry. 

Writing Identities

Does your team have questions about writing a particular race, culture, or identity? We can help customize a workshop based on your needs. Previous workshops include: 

  • Writing Early Black History with Authenticity & Sensitivity

  • Considering Race in Historical Fiction

  • Tips On Writing Disabilities

Leigh Medeiros, Linden Place Writers’ Residency Program Director

Renee’s guidance around how to accurately and appropriately write within the context of early Black history has been invaluable to our writers in residence. Her one-on-one consults and webinar tailored to our program has deepened the writers’ understanding and elevated their works. I highly recommend Writing Diversely to anyone who wishes to reduce harm and increase authenticity when writing characters outside their personal identity.
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